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Just a little about Us and what we do...

AnA Custom Prints began in the early 1990's as an athletic uniform, vinyl printing, heat transfer, and sublimation service. With the advancement in printing technology we have migrated to digital, Direct to Garment Printing, combining environmentally friendly ink and the ability to print detailed designs. Direct to Garment produces a great product with a soft hand feel. 

Our retail business has progressed to include wholesale print fulfillment and drop shipping. This service is for those who have their own platform for selling and do not wish to endure the financial investment and time involved in printing themselves. 

This service is not limited to those already in the marketplace. If you are an aspiring artist, with your own designs, wishing to enter into a business venture, this service may be the right fit for you.

Direct to Garment Printing Fulfillment Overview

AnA Custom Prints offers direct to garment fulfillment/print on demand services.  This services is especially beneficial for the small businesses, those starting out to develop a brand and budding artists who want to see if they have a saleable design.

Our fulfillment / pod service eliminates your need for an inventory with stock piling up on shelves, money spent before sales, and limited color options.  You handle all the money, paying only after a sale is received.

  • Another advantage of dealing with AnA Custom Prints,  is you will always be able to speak with a real live person.

  • We take great pride in one on one communication when you need us. We do not stop answering calls and emails at 5:00.

  • We will not send out any work which will reflect badly on your business or ours.

  • We will not print any of your designs for our business. Your designs are your property and will remain so.

Fulfillment and Shipping Process

There are many brands of apparel as well as fabric content on the market that can be successfully printed using the digital Direct to Garment process.  DTG is generally known for printing on 100% cotton apparel, but with advancements, printing can be done successfully on cotton/polyester blends, synthetics, and organics including bamboo and hemp.

Our base shirt is the Gildan Ultra Cotton, 6.0 oz. 100% cotton, although many other brands are available, such as AlStyle, Bella Canvas, Tultex, American Apparel, etc.

Pricing is based on the brand used, size and location of printing on the shirt.

If this is a service that you would like to learn more about and to obtain pricing, please email us at  We will be glad to discuss available options to fit your needs.

We will provide:

  • Shirt

  • Printing

  • Packaging

  • Prep for drop-shipping - drop shipping

  • Tracking number.

  • A picture of the finished product if desired.

There will be no mention of our business in any packaging we do for your customers.
Your company name is what will be on the packaging.
So, why go with a Big Name printer and pay more for the same service?

RGB Color Swatch

Order your own Color Swatch sample.  This way when you are designing with colors this chart will help you with what the end results will look like.  Just note that with Direct to Garment printing there is always variations, sometimes the colors may print slightly different than those on the swatch, but are close.  The Color Swatch is printed on Gildan Ultra Cotton 100% cotton fabric.  The set includes one black and one white swatch.  To get your set, just order from our Product Catalog, under the Shop tab.

Additional exposure using Social Media

As we are providing Printing On Demand for you, we feel that there are beneficial means of gaining additional exposure for your custom apparel. You will be allowed to post on the companies Facebook Group,

We feel through additional exposure, if it helps you be successful, it helps us to be successful.

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